About Randolph AMVETS Post 51
The cloth is white --
symbolizing the purity of
their motives when
answering the call to duty.
A slice of lemon on the
bread plate is to remind us
of the bitter fate of those
captured and missing in a
foreign land.
The single red rose, displayed
in a vase, reminds us of the
life of each of the missing;
their loved ones and friends
who keep the faith, awaiting
A pinch of salt symbolizes the
tears endured by those
missing and their families
who seek answers.
The vase is tied with a red
ribbon, symbol of our
continued determination to
account for the missing.
The glass is inverted – to
symbolize their inability
to share this evenings toast.
AMVETS (for AMerican VETeranS) is an advocate for America's veterans on issues such as job training,
employment, funding for provided health care and other benefits to which they are entitled.

Ever since Randolph AMVETS Post 51 was chartered on April 22, 1947, we have had a proud history of
assisting and sponsoring numerous programs for veterans who have served our country and its citizens.
The helping hand that AMVETS extends to veterans and their families takes many forms.

Post 51 is active in its support for many different community action programs and activities such as youth
programs; Boy & Girl Scouts; College Scholarships; Americanism activities (Memorial Day Parade,
Independence Day Parade, POW/MIA and the Iraq/Afghanistan Moving Wall, and Pearl Harbor Day
Ceremonies.) Post 51 supports sports sponsorships; volunteer activities for Veterans' Hospitals i. e. (off-
station) parties where VA hospitalized veterans come to the post for dinner and entertainment. Post 51
also hosts twice-monthly on-ward Ice cream parties, and veterans' assistance programs.

Post 51 participates in fund-raising efforts such as donations to community organizations: POW / MIA
and the. “Passion Plunge for Special Olympics.” Post 51 supports veterans’ agencies and donates to
community organizations and veterans’ support agencies.

We have our dances on Friday & Saturday nights, and special activities on Sundays.

Randolph AMVETS Post 51 is a proud partner with
AMVETS National and AMVETS Department of