Application for Membership
                                           RANDOLPH AMVETS LADIES AUXILIARY
                                                                 9 AMVETS Lane
                                                              Randolph, MA 02368


Auxiliary No.:____________     City: ___________________          State: ________  ZIP: ________

Name:_______________________________________________   Date of Birth: _____/____/_____

Street Address:____________________________________________ Phone: _________________

City:_____________________________________State: _______        ZIP Code:_______________

Name of AMVET Relative:______________________________________     Post:  ______________

Relationship:      Mother    Wife    Widow     Sister     Daughter    Step-daughter
                     Granddaughter      Grandmother     Female Veteran

Introduced by Auxiliary Member:______________________________________________________

_________________________________________             _________________________________
(Verified by AMVETS Membership Chairman)                     (Signature of Applicant)
                                                    (Auxiliary Secretary)




CASH:_____ CHECK:________     CHECK # _________        AMOUNT $_____________________

RECEIVED BY:__________________________________

Rev2: 01/22/2017  <K>
Print (Ctrl-P) this form and complete it. Present it to an AMVETS
Ladies Auxiliary Officer at Post 51 along with $25.00 annual dues
or $350 Life Member dues to process it.
Membership in the Ladies Auxiliary is open to all mothers, wives,
daughters, step-daughters, sisters, aunts, granddaughters,
grandmothers and female veterans.

Annual membership is $25.  Life membership is $350.